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a resting child
space for a few slow breaths


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Shakuhachi player since 1971
Grand Master since 1980
Grandfather since 2010

Riley Lee has been playing the shakuhachi for 50 years. His repertoire spans many musical genres. This site is devoted entirely to music that can help you be mindful of your precious moments.

“Remember the lips where the wind-breath originated, and let your note be clear. Don’t try to end it. Be your note.”


quotes from the Press:

Sydney Morning Herald — [Lee’s} sound is so astonishingly pure: it aches with the sadness of loss and the sadness of wisdom, pulses with the joy of being alive and whispers of an elegance almost too exotic to be true.

International Herald Tribune — “Affecting, moving, admirable, the performing techniques involved, especially the breath control, defy belief”.

New York Times — “…atmospheric, even spell-binding music”, “Echoes of eternal time…haunting”

Sydney Morning Herald — “He is, by any standards, a remarkable musician with an amazing command of fractional inflections of tones, achieved with a wide range of finger and breath attacks on every note”. “… Beautifully evocative sounds”

The Australian — “Lee could serve as any performer’s model in his ability to capture the attention of his audience immediately and straightforwardly”.

Sydney Morning Herald — “…a superb musician and an innovative and prolific composer.” “The shakuhachi is a transcendentally beautiful instrument and Lee’s playing has an emotional and meditative power which overwhelms his obvious technical expertise”.

Breathe deeply

…breathe slowly

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more Riley Lee Music

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Wind Song

Riley Lee collaborates with Christina Leonard on sax and Elena Kats-Chernin on piano.

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Traditional solo shakuhachi music from the Zen meditation repertoire, honkyoku.

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Riley Lee shakuhachi and Andy Rigby harp. Surf the ‘ocean waves’ of your fondest memories.

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Wild Honey Dreaming

Riley Lee shakuhachi and Matthew Doyle digeridoo. From Earth’s oldest continent.

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Shakuhachi Water Meditations

Riley Lee plays old and new music. Meditate on the tranquil sounds of the Zen flute.

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Autumn Field.

Traditional solo shakuhachi music from the Zen meditation repertoire, honkyoku.

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Shakuhachi Flute Meditations

Riley Lee performs solo shakuhachi. Zen music to calm the mind, to relax and to focus.

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Riley Lee solo shakuhachi. Conceived by Paul Wilson, author of the “Little Book of Calm”.

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learn more about the Shakuhachi

Please visit my shakuhachi website for more about this fascinating instrument, and about the journey it has taken me over the past half a century.

You’ll find articles, and even my PhD thesis on the shakuhachi. There are also tips on playing the shakuhachi.

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