Your Breathe! exercises.

I’ve been giving breathing workshops for over thirty years. Until now, this collection of short descriptions of the breathing exercises I use were only available to participants who had completed my Breathe! workshops. These workshops often go over several days and cost as much as $250 (plus travel, accommodation, etc). 

Please note that the PDF that you are about to download contains brief descriptions of the breathing exercises that I teach in my workshops.

I will be making short videos of all of these exercises over the coming weeks. Don’t worry; you will be informed as these videos become available, yet another perk to joining my Personal Group!  Many thanks!

Conscious Breathing is good for you!

When you click the button below, a new page will open in your browser, showing my Breathe! exercises. You can print the 14-page pdf directly from your browser or download it onto your computer. 

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