Let me create a music track for you

Commission Riley for music

It’s always helpful to have at least one video meeting where we get acquainted better and discuss details like timing preferences/ desired sound effects etc., so please don’t hesitate if this sounds interesting.

Hi, I’m Riley Lee, and I’ve been playing the shakuhachi for more than 50 years.

Have you always wanted to have your very own customised music for meditation? Maybe for a special occasion or as a unique gift.

Now is the time!

I can create the meditation music you have in mind. – just contact me today so we get started right away on creating this song together.

To give you an idea, I can offer a new-age style of music that is around five minutes long.

My composition, Bamboo, is an example of what you can expect. It’s a piece that resonates with power yet still has gracefulness in its structure.

The cost will be between US$2000 or less – depending on what specifically is needed in your project.

Let’s work together to create music that will be exclusively yours

At higher tiers, I offer custom videos with graphics, behind the scene footage during my composing process,  an extended length (upwards of 20 minutes), and many other possibilities including adding other instruments and more.

You can :

  • Choose a title
  • Write a description of the music, what type of mood or scene they’ll be imagining when listening, why, for whom.
  • Provide a video or photos for YouTube.

Or you can leave all of this to me.

You may also choose to be acknowledged as the person who commissioned the piece or remain anonymous.

You can also have your song included in future albums and playlists that I will create, devoted entirely to these commissions.

Now you’re ready to share your music with the world!