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Are you interested in the shakuhachi? Or do you just enjoy listening to Riley Lee's music?

Do you want to hear more, appreciate more, be more aware? My inner circle group is where like-minded people meet to share experiences, music, and resources.

Applications accepted for a limited time.

What Is My Inner Circle?

There is a small but growing numbers of people who are playing the shakuhachi or thinking of learning, or are interested in the history, the philosophy, the making of, and all other of the myriad elements of this wonderful bamboo flute.

But many more people  are interested in my music, or perhaps my breathing practices, but have no immediate plans to delve more deeply into the world of the shakuhachi.

These two groups are not mutually exclusive, of course.

My Inner Circle Membership Has These Benefits

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Benefit #1

Step 1

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Benefit #2

Step 3

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Benefit #3

Step 1

Sagitt minim ipsume evenie proina lacusa portti venena platea tempor vertis lectus vulput laoret dolors semper intege.

Benefit #4

Step 4

Lacusa evenie lectus portti vulput minim tempor intege ipsume semper sagitt venena platea proina laoret vertis dolors.

Benefit #5

Step 5

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Benefit #6

Step 6

Intege lacusa semper vulput sagitt venena tempor dolors ipsume lectus evenie vertis portti proina laoret platea minim.

Would You To Join My Shakuhachi Inner Circle?

Applications accepted for a limited time.

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