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We're sending you all the information you'll need to your inbox to join Riley's Private Music Group and download your breathing exercises.

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I truly appreciate your support and look forward to sharing quiet moments with you. Watch out for a welcome email from me. In it, you'll be given a link that you can use to download your Breathe! pdf.

As a special "thank you", I'd like to send you something else, in addition to my breathing exercises.

I want to give you access to an exclusive, 10-minute video of my performing live, some original shakuhachi meditation music of mine. 

I also want to send you unique code to download a CD of mine.

The CD download and the link to my ten-minute meditation music video is only for members of Riley's Private Music Group, as a way of thanking you for your support. 

There is a $7 charge, which goes towards the cost of composing, playing, recording and videoing the meditation and the CD album, Together, these might usually cost $30 or more, though they are not available elsewhere.

Are you interested?

I am giving 10% of the gross income from this and all future projects to charity through www.givewell.org

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