It’s the first thing we do when we are born. It’s the last thing we do in this lifetime.

And we do it all day long, whether awake or asleep.

If it’s true that you become good at what you spend a lot of time doing, then we should all be experts at breathing.

The problem is that we only become good at what we do consciously. Breathing for most of us is an unconscious activity almost all of the time .

You don’t have to change your mood or emotions. Change your breath and your breathing will change your emotions for you.

Breathe with the music, and let your breath take over.

I think listening to music can improve most things, including our breath.

listen to

Would you like to know more about Breathing?

I have been leading breathing workshops for the past thirty years. In the workshops I lead people through simple exercises, which I have created, collected and developed through five decades of teaching and performing experiences.

Let me send you some of these exercises, with brief explanations. Click on the link below.

Here are some assumptions underlying these exercises:

There is a healthy (optimal) way to breathe.
Most of us do not breathe in this way much of the time.
Simple breathing exercises can benefit almost everyone on both physical and metaphysical levels, by increasing the time we breathe optimally.

Better breath awareness leads to better 
control over all aspects of your life. Tension hinders optimal breathing. Awareness encourages optimal breathing

Click on the link below if you would like me to send you some of the exercises.

Interested in a live performance?

Each year, I tour extensively throughout Australia and parts of the USA and Europe. Depending on the circumstances, I enjoy giving intimate ‘house’ concerts. I also do a number of benefit concerts and performance for certain kinds of groups and their events.

If you or your organisation might be interested in my playing for you, contact me. It’s possible that the stars will align in a way that we can make it happen.

Your own Music?

Would you like me to create and record a composition of solo shakuhachi just for you? For a friend? Or your child? A gift for a special occasion?