my Stillness

Whatever you call it —  being mindful, chill, meditation, calm, relax — it’s good for you.

It’s a bit like eating blueberries. It doesn’t matter whether you eat them because you like the taste, or because they are good for you, or simply because you are hungry and that’s what is available.

You don’t have to know the reasons why they are good for you, or even that they are good for you. Eating blueberries improves things.

The same is true with being mindful, chilling or whatever you call it. Sitting on a pier watching a sunset can improve things.

I think listening to music can improve most things, including our stillness.

Interested in a live performance?

Each year, I tour extensively throughout Australia and parts of the USA and Europe. Depending on the circumstances, I enjoy giving intimate ‘house’ concerts. I also do a number of benefit concerts and performances for certain kinds of groups and their events.

If you or your organisation might be interested in my playing for you, contact me. It’s possible that the stars will align in a way that we can make it happen.

Your own music?

Would you like me to create and record a composition of solo shakuhachi just for you? For a friend? Or your child? A gift for a special occasion?