Best listened to in a quiet space, or with noise-cancelling headphones!



This 20-minute meditation music video (at the very bottom of this page) was created especially for members of “Riley’s Personal Music Group”.

In the video, I create a music meditation on my shakuhachi, using a soundscape created by Timothy Constable.

To compose music in this way, that is ‘on the spot’, requires immense concentration.

The purpose of this type of meditation music is to help you develop the ability to concentrate on what you are paying attention to. Being able to do so is something that many of us now find difficult. This ability may in turn increase your well-being.

PLEASE NOTE: This music meditation may not be what one often hears.  The music is not static, non-changing, ‘feel-good’ synthesised sound. It has both quiet and loud moments, ups and downs, just like you do.

Once you become better at concentrating, you can then begin to contemplate the music. That may take many listens. You will be drawn ever deeper into the music and into yourself.

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